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Specializing in Electro Equiscope Therapy,  B. Ready Performance was created to help make the impossible, possible. whether you are an athlete looking to get a competitive edge, Healing from an injury,  Have chronic pain, or looking to treat yourself. We can achieve real results. 

B. Ready Performance 

equiscope percy1.jpg

Percy's Story 

At the age of six Peptos Treasure, aka Percy, Fractured his pelvis before his barrel racing career had really taken off. The two years following his injury were spent consulting veterinarians, trying various therapies, including alternative therapies, and doing everything possible to try and get Percy back to competing comfortably. With little success Percy was brought to a great vet in Texas who ultimately diagnosed him with kissing spine. After finding out he had another hurdle to overcome for competing I had little hope. 

After Percy was home from the vet I began doing Equiscope therapy on him. In May he was brought back to competition where he placed in the top 10 at his first rodeo back. With remaining in work and continued Equiscope Therapy he has gone on to consistently get stronger and faster, Winning his first Pro Rodeo in August of 2021 and placing at others. 

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About Breanna

Founder/ Owner

CEMT; Electro Toxicologist

Breanna started B.Ready Performance with one goal in mind, results. Being a competitive barrel racer for 15+ years she developed a passion for sports medicine. Seeing horses and riders go through injuries, strain, and stress she wanted to create a space where people can go to achieve real results. Once she came across the Electro Equiscope her vision began to come to life.


Along with being an Electro Toxicologist Breanna has been a equine massage therapist since 2015. Her passion for helping people and horses started at a young age and a career launched from that passion as soon as she graduated high school. While starting her business Breanna also has been competing in professional rodeos since she was 18. 

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